Corporate Investigations Your capital is needed to run your business. Let our specialists take care of protecting it. Tim O'Rourke, CPS, FCI LEAD CORPORATE INVESTIGATOR Click Here Computer & Digital Forensics Today 99% of our information and communication is created and stored digitally. If you want facts, we can help recover deleted files, finances, pictures, text,... Click Here Background Investigations Before making a business or life altering decision, make sure you have all the information. Our team of specialists can provide the insight to make those choices. Click Here Child Custody Investigations A divorce or separation can be an emotional time during anyone's life. This is especially true for the child involved in a custody case. A qualified investigator can collect facts and documentation that can help keep the child safe. Click Here Infidelity Investigations Do you suspect a cheating spouse? Don't make these common mistakes! Leaving, separating, or confronting your partner should NOT be your first move, but the last resort. Click Here Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Also known as TSCM or Electronic De-Bugging Once this was only a problem for government, and big businesses. Today we assist many in small business and the general public. Click Here

Private Investigator

The Grafton Group: Licensed Private Investigators

It’s not an easy decision to hire a private investigator. When a situation arises that requires one, you need the help of a licensed agency that can provide services that are discreet, compassionate and capable.

Licensed and Vetted Investigators

When hiring a private investigation firm, it is vital to find one whose investigators are skilled, experienced and local.

The Grafton Group is led by Tim O’Rourke, a nationally-recognized investigator, who has assembled a team of veteran investigators and specialists from a variety of fields. When you retain The Grafton Group, you are working with a privately owned firm with the resources to conduct a full range of investigative, and legal support services. We are responsible for your case from beginning to end. Based in Tampa Bay our services reach a crossed and beyond the state of Florida, ensuring that you are still in good hands even when your case goes past state lines.

Timely and Accurate = ROI

When you find yourself in need of a private investigator(s), time is usually of the essence. We work quickly, and accurately, to get you the information that you need to proceed. We have carefully selected our team members to ensure that every client gets the specific service that they need. Using a combination of traditional and modern investigative techniques, we are able to get you the facts and return on investment you are looking for.

A Full Range of Legal Support

We are a multi-disciplined private investigation, and litigation support firm. We offer a full range of legal support, and case management that can support you through the legal process. Our specializations include:

•      Accident investigations
•      Background investigations
•      Business investigations
•      Computer/Mobile device forensics
•      Child custody matters
•      Criminal investigations
•      Infidelity investigations
•      Surveillance
•      TSCM: Electronic DeBugging
•      and more…

Service You Can Trust

Whether the investigation you need is for your business, or personal life, we are here to ensure that you receive discreet and confidential service.

Our services are all performed in compliance with local, state and federal law. We take pride in working within an ethical focus to provide honest and excellent investigative work.

We are available to handle cases in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and the surrounding areas. If you need assistance, please call for a consultation.