About Us

The Grafton Group is a Florida-based, multi-disciplined, private investigation and litigation support firm. We provide exceptional private investigative and case management services. We offer a full range of legal support that is accurate, reliable and most important, timely. All of our private investigators are licensed in compliance with Florida Statutes governing both private investigators, and private investigation agencies. We are a proud US privately owned and operated firm of professional investigators, who are licensed, and certified, in several highly specialized investigative fields.

Our motto, “We bring clarity to every case,” is our mission for every client. The Grafton Group founders have applied an unparalleled ethically focused and specialized approach to our clients’ needs for decades. Every investigation is conducted with integrity and the assurance of our firms highest standards.

Our goal is to address your needs in a responsive, professional, and discreet manner. Our clientele represent leaders from corporations, government, the legal profession, and private citizens who look to The Grafton Group for innovative investigative expertise and solutions to their problems.

To learn about all of the investigative services our staff can offer, please visit the “Services” page here.

Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to provide professional, impartial, and ethical investigative services for every client.

We will provide these services at a fair and reasonable rate to ensure the work product we produce for the client is a sound investment for them, and which is consistent with our values and this mission statement.

Our Values:

To fulfill our mission we must be obsessed with client success. To achieve this we must first listen, research, learn, and provide innovative solutions to complex problems.


“We bring clarity to every case”

Our Name:

The Grafton Group draws their name from Grafton Street, which is one of the most historical, and iconic, business streets in all of Ireland. While having lunch in Dublin with his family several years ago, Tim O’Rourke, our President, decided that this historical name would play a role in the future for his vision of a professional team of hand picked private investigators.

FAQ Page:

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“Our principals are nationally recognized investigators and we want to be your private investigator in Florida”