Professional Private Investigation Services in Daytona, Florida

Comprehensive Corporate Investigations

Explore acclaimed private investigation solutions with The Grafton Group, your reliable specialists in Daytona, Florida. Our expertise covers a wide range of corporate investigations such as internal and intellectual property theft, fraud, technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) – including bug sweeps, management of hostile employee departures, protective services, along with family-related inquiries like child custody, cohabitation, and marital fidelity. Benefit from unmatched professionalism right in the core of Daytona.

At The Grafton Group, we recognize the intricate and confidential aspects of corporate sectors. Our experienced investigators are equipped to deliver comprehensive corporate investigation services aimed at protecting your commercial interests.

Internal Theft and Fraud Detection

Our specialists utilize advanced methods to detect cases of internal theft and fraud, aiding in the safeguarding of your assets and ensuring a secure business atmosphere.

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Intellectual Property Theft Investigations

Our expertise lies in identifying and resolving intellectual property infringement, safeguarding your priceless assets from illicit use or misappropriation.

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TSCM - Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

We identify and disarm electronic eavesdropping equipment (bug sweeps) to guarantee the privacy of your business discussions and information.

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Hostile Employee Termination and Protective Services

We offer assistance and security measures for volatile employee dismissals, guaranteeing the protection of your staff and resources.

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Family Investigation Services

The Grafton Group offers expert investigative services tailored for private and sensitive family issues, handling them with care and understanding.

Child Custody Investigations: Our investigators diligently collect the necessary evidence to bolster your child custody claim, making sure your children’s welfare takes precedence.

Cohabitation Investigations: We conduct investigations into cohabitation to offer definitive proof of living situations that could affect alimony or custody settlements.

Uncovering Infidelity: Our team carries out investigations into infidelity with the highest level of confidentiality, assisting you in achieving peace of mind by uncovering the truth and providing evidence.

Why Choose The Grafton Group?

At The Grafton Group, our dedication to outstanding service, ethical conduct, and confidentiality distinguishes us. We employ state-of-the-art technology and established investigative methods to provide precise, useful insights. Our extensive knowledge of the Daytona area enhances our ability to perform swift and successful investigations.

Our Professional Team

Our team of investigators is enriched with a diverse array of backgrounds, including law enforcement, military, and the private sector, providing an unmatched level of expertise.

Confidential and Discrete

Your privacy and confidentiality are our top priorities, and we guarantee that every investigation is carried out with utmost discretion.

Results-Driven Approach

We aim to provide clear and practical outcomes that enable our clients to make knowledgeable choices and execute the necessary steps.

Our company needed PI services in FL during the holidays. The Grafton Group was able to take on the surveillance assignment and investigators provide us with daily updates. The final video product was sent to our office within 24 hours. They have a very professional staff that we would recommend to any FL based business or out of state PI firm.

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Daytona: A Destination of Beaches, Motorsports, and Culture

Daytona shines as an energetic city celebrated for its scenic waterfronts and flourishing business environment. Its dynamic downtown, stunning beaches, and boardwalks present a mixture of cultural and leisure activities, establishing it as a perfect destination for both professional engagements and relaxation. The Grafton Group is delighted to contribute to this remarkable community by offering premium investigative services to both private individuals and corporate entities.