Background Investigation

background investigation can give you the insight you need to make better employment and personal choices. Because not everyone is forthright about things from their past, our private investigators will conduct an in-depth review. Call us – knowledge is power!

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Background Investigation

Types of Background Investigations

Background investigations are used for a variety of tactics. Most often, we find that the following areas benefit from the help of a background check investigator:

  • Employment background checks
  • Relationship background checks
  • Tax lien background check
  • Tenant screenings
  • Nanny background check

These are just a few reasons, as we serve the needs of whatever background investigation our clients need. With a background check, we can uncover things like criminal records, past and present addresses, relatives, bankruptcy, military backgrounds, property ownership, driving records, etc. These items and more allow our clients to make more informed decisions. Don’t you want to know who it is you have in your inner circle?

One phone call to our private investigators is more than just a quick electronic skim on the computer. For many PI’s, that is where they stop. Not us, though. That is where we start. We use multiple sources to get you the most accurate and up to date info for your background investigation. It doesn’t do a lot of good if someone committed a crime out of state and the person you hired is only looking at local county records. Know that when you select our firm to do your investigation, you are getting a thorough search. Beyond record searches, we will call and fact check on the person you have given us. We will verify work, criminal, and education history. Taking the extra step by employing our experts can save you headaches down the road. Why take that chance? Contact us today for a free consult to see how our services can best help you.

There is no standard to background checks. This means that you could get a million varied answers. Our background check investigator will tailor their approach to your areas of concern, reasons for finding out more, and your overall needs. For example, if you are hiring a driver for your trucking company, their driving record is of importance. If you are looking for a nanny to stay at home and care for your family, past references need to be thoroughly checked. Rest assured, our PI’s will work with due diligence to get you the answers you need for your background investigation.

Background investigations are considered common, but should not be taken lightly. These types of investigations have to do with people that you most often have to place a lot of trust in. Your business and your family are precious assets. Let our team of background check investigators give you peace of mind that the choices you are making are the right ones. A phone call can give you that peace of mind. Contact our background investigation team today, and sleep easy.

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We can conduct a background investigation in Tampa, St Petersburg, Clearwater, and all surrounding areas of Florida.