When you know that your marriage is over, your first instinct may be to file for divorce immediately. However, taking some time to prepare your case before you file may increase your chances of success in court. With the help of a private investigator in Tampa bay, you can gather the evidence you need to build strong arguments with regard to property division, debt division, child custody and other issues that may come up during your case.

Benefits of Hiring a Private Investigator

Some of the potential benefits of hiring a private investigator prior to filing for divorce include:

  • The ability to gather evidence you couldn’t have found on your own. – Private investigators have experience finding information, taking photos, capturing videos and performing other investigative activities. They can often find evidence or information you would have missed.
  • The element of surprise. – Because you have not yet filed for divorce, your spouse won’t be expecting you to be collecting evidence. He or she is less likely to be guarded, allowing your private investigator more opportunities to gather information, footage and other evidence that will be beneficial in your case.
  • A more confident, informed position. – Having all of the information before you file makes you feel more confident and resolved in your decision to divorce your spouse. You can file your paperwork knowing that you have done the right thing and that you have the evidence you need to present successful arguments throughout the case.
  • No shocking revelations during the divorce. – Because you will have already learned about various issues your spouse may try to hide, you won’t be shocked by anything that may be revealed during the divorce.
  • More leverage during negotiations. – Certain aspects of your divorce may be settled outside of court in mediation. If you hire a private investigator before you file for divorce, he or she may uncover information that can be used as leverage during these negotiations.

Tips for Hiring a Private Investigator

If you are thinking of hiring a private investigator to help you with your divorce case, follow these tips for the best results.

  1. Choose the right investigator.

    Make sure that you choose a Tampa private investigator who has a reputation for excellent customer service, respectability and success. Before you agree to hire any investigator, remember to ask about fees, experience, licensure and whether the investigator is willing to testify in court.

  2. Tell no one.

    Don’t tell anyone that you are planning to hire a private investigator. This includes friends, family, coworkers and anyone else who may accidentally let it slip. If your spouse finds out about the investigation, you won’t be able to get the evidence you need as easily.

  3. Keep the lines of communication open.

    Give your private investigator all of the information he or she needs to get the investigation underway. As it progresses, keep in contact with the PI as needed, answering any questions and providing any additional information you may have.

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