Business Surveillance

Business surveillance gives you the power to know that your trust in your associates is well placed. Using many of the same skills as in private surveillance, we will protect you from theft, fraud or even workplace violence.

Business surveillance services
Protection against theft, lawsuits, and violent crimes
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Business Surveillance

Business Surveillance Services

There is no way to do business in this world without trusting others. You trust your employees and your partners. You have to trust your customers, and you need to feel comfortable in the facility you work in. If that trust is violated, it could have a long-term impact on you. Well-placed video cameras not only help to keep people honest, but they assist us in business surveillance. This can not only prevent loss, but also lead to prosecution for theft later. Active business surveillance can also decrease the threat of violence. And if you have a fraudulent claim being brought against you by an employee, there is no better evidence than video. Contact us today to see how we can maximize your level of security.

If you suspect that you have an employee stealing from you, our business surveillance service may be the best way to catch him or her in the act. It is possible that nothing insidious is going on, as well. Perhaps you have an employee that is just handing out too many free t-shirts to your customers. It may not require any criminal actions, just some retraining. You will not know what to do unless you know what is happening. We are private investigators and you can count on us to handle the matter with discretion. Call us with your questions right away and we will explain how it all works.

There are a lot of factors that go into running a business, and if the numbers just are not working out, we may be able to help. Business surveillance can involve cameras, but it can also involve our expertly trained private investigators in person. We will do what it takes to find the truth for you. We know that you pour your heart and soul into your business. Unethical actions by thieves – whether they work for you or not – cost more than money. You do not deserve the emotional impact of the betrayal.

Knowing the truth will help. Do not hesitate to contact us if you suspect you have an issue.

We are an elite team of private investigators. We have decades of law enforcement, military intel, and private surveillance experience. When you retain us for your business surveillance needs, our team commits itself fully to finding the truth for you. We have built our reputation on the highest ethical and standards, and look forward to solving your problem. Do not let a thief ruin the years of sweat you have put into your business. Bring us in and see how quickly the problem can be solved.

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Our firm provides business surveillance in Tampa, St Petersburg, Clearwater, and all surrounding areas of Florida.