Child Custody


Child Custody Investigators can protect your children from danger and abuse

A divorce or separation can be an emotional time during anyone’s life. This is especially true for the child involved in a custody case. A qualified investigator can collect facts that can help keep the child safe. Either parent may seek the services of a investigator to determine the safety or experience of the child while with a custodial or non custodial parent.

The Grafton Group will work with you and your attorney, in custodial investigations, to document and reduce the likelihood of false accusations, and ensure the first priority is the child’s safety. Evidence collected by an investigator can provide proof to be presented in court. This is important as many of these cases are presented with undocumented allegations which make it difficult for a judge to issue a ruling.

During an investigation, the best thing that can happen is there are no signs of questionable behavior and the child is safe with either parent.

Child Custody

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