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As a Clearwater private investigator, we are committed to handling all your investigative and surveillance needs. We are fully aware that your privacy is a critical concern. We emphasize it in all our services. We are the premiere investigator in the area that will help you when you need to discover the truth. Whether you need to protect yourself or want to make sure justice is served, we can help! Do not allow someone to take advantage of you; schedule a free consult with us now.

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We provide many services that will uncover the truth of any matter. What sets us apart is a commitment to continue to search till we find the real truth. In a background check, for example, it is simple to run a criminal records check and be done with it. That is just the beginning of our work. When you make us your Clearwater private investigator, you can be sure our work is thorough. We will follow up on all references. This means both on the phone and in person. After we complete our research, you can have 100% confidence in the person you are dealing with. Call us today to be absolutely certain!

The same is true of a corporate investigation. When you hire us as your Clearwater private investigator, you will be armed with the truth. You can have confidence in the business decisions you make when you know everything about the deal. Our forensic accounting services put a second set of eyes on the books you are dealing with. More importantly, our eyes are trained to find things that others are not. We also have experts on our team that can dig into electronic systems to find any hidden problems. Do not enter into a blind agreement! Contact us today to get hard information you need to make smart decisions.

While we have the utmost respect for our police, there is no doubt that law enforcement officials make mistakes during criminal investigations. The consequences can be devastating in some cases. Trust us as your Clearwater private investigator and we can verify the details. A fresh approach to an investigation can uncover a hidden truth. We will also conduct an investigation into situations that may not have drawn the attention of the police. We are ready to help you right now, so do not hesitate to call.

Surveillance Services

Many people imagine that as Clearwater private investigators that all we do is follow spouses suspected of infidelity. There are so many more reasons for surveillance! Have you been sued by an employee over an injury? Perhaps you feel that the claim is not entirely honest. We can in some cases prove that an injury is faked in only a few hours. We use the same skills to find missing persons, as well. We are here for you, so contact us as soon as possible.

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