Corporate Law


Minimizing risk from internal fraudulent activities such as intellectual property crimes, sexual harassment, employee discrimination or misconduct, is a primary concern for many executives today. The Grafton Group can assist corporations by conducting an independent investigation and/or audit.

Every principal and partner of The Grafton Group is a professional investigator who also has many years of experience in business. Our corporate culture is probably much like yours with policies and procedures that everyone in the organization is expected to follow. Is your staff doing what they should be to protect your business? Are they trained to do so? We can assist you in being proactive to make sure your assets are safer. Our investigators are trained to detect flaws in workflow systems, and help you improve your bottom line. Let us assist you in identifying counterproductive behaviors that could cost your company money and risk employee safety.

We understand the value of uncovering and/or independently verifying that not only your policies and procedures are being followed, but that your guiding principles, ethical standards, and the law are being adhered to as well. Like every business, you are not judged on your intentions, but on the actual conduct of your executives and staff. This is why we offer the following services.

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General Background Investigation
– Pre-Employment: Level I – II – III
– Vendor Integrity Screening

Business Intelligence and Due Diligence
– Executive Staff
– Pre-Acquisitions and Mergers
– Investment
– Joint Ventures

Electronic Forensics: Discovery and Management
Notice: if the device is owned by your company and you have control of it;
– if it is ON, leave it ON, disconnect it from the internet and network immediately.
– if it is OFF leave it OFF. Every key stroke will effect the data
– internal IT staff are professionals at setting up networks, but they are not versed
in securing forensic evidence in the manner which will stand up in a courtroom.

Fraud Investigation
– false, misrepresentation or the concealment of a material fact

Financial Audits/Forensic Accounting
– Independent Audits; free of conflict of interest claims

Technical Security Countermeasures (TSCM)
Notice: if you suspect your business or home phone system/mobile device has been
compromised, use an external phone to contact us.
– Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Sweeps
– Board of Directors and Shareholders Meetings
– Dispute and Arbitration Meetings

“Our principals are nationally recognized investigators and we want to be your private investigator in Florida”