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Crime scene investigations require experts with years of experience to put together the truth of what actually happened. When we conduct a criminal investigation we do not stop digging until we have found the truth.

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Crime Scene Investigation Services

When a crime occurs, we can help you understand what happened. There is evidence at every crime scene. Putting together the facts, no matter how tiny they may seem, will lead you to the truth. We are an experienced team of private investigators that handle crime scene investigations. We are more than happy to give you a free initial consult. After you tell us the facts as you understand them, we can start our work. Whether your case requires us to do the actual investigation or review an existing file, we are ready to do it. Call us right away to get the process started.

Our team of private investigators has been conducting crime scene investigations for over fifteen years. We only hire highly trained experts, and many of our PIs are recognized as national leaders in their field. Getting our eyes on your file of reports and photos may produce the second opinion that sheds light on the whole case. Sometimes theories are formed based on evidence from early in the investigation. When we review or conduct a crime scene investigation, we might find an entirely new set of circumstances. We will not know until we look, and you will not know until you call us. Do not wait any longer.

Our principal PIs have years of experience in state and federal law enforcement. We also have military intelligence backgrounds. When we conduct our crime scene investigations, we put together a team of specialists for every detail. For example, if your case requires an expert that is focused solely on arson, we have one on our team. We know how important your case is to you. When you select our firm to handle your investigation, we handle it that way. We will earn your trust every step of the way by working tirelessly to find the truth. Call us today; take one step closer to closure.

Tampa Crime Scene Investigations

Crime Scene Investigation Company

Our team of experts will handle your case quickly and efficiently. Our PIs will work around the clock to make sure we find the truth for you. We adhere to the highest standards of ethics. We know that when you have problems of this nature, you cannot trust just anyone. Everything we do as a company will be focused on earning and keeping your trust. We work for law firms, public agencies and private persons, and are entirely committed to each of their cases. Our clients get an after-hours number to contact us outside of normal business hours, so no matter when you need us, we will be there for you. Contact us today and our experienced experts can get started.

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