Criminal Investigations

As a criminal investigation firm, we provide quality investigative services to our clients. We are a team of expert private investigators that are here to meet your needs. We know that you are putting your trust in us. We make it our job to resolve your issues. Retain us if you need a tough, experienced firm fighting hard for you.

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Criminal Investigation

Criminal Investigation Services

The world is a complicated place. We know that everyone runs into trouble at times and it pays to have someone on your side. Finding your way to the truth can make all the difference. When our clients seek criminal investigation services, they know that our private investigators will deliver. To best serve the community, we offer the following services:

  • Crime scene investigations
  • Computer forensic investigation
  • Death investigation
  • Arson investigation

Sometimes, another set of eyes on a crime scene see angles not easily seen. The initial investigation may miss or misinterpret details. Our criminal investigation team can review crime scene reports and photos to confirm the initial findings. We may even be able to discern new clues or find gaps and errors. Our team has forensic experts that have looked at countless crime scenes. We can help you determine guilt or innocence. Call our team of investigators today to find the truth.

Digital devices are everywhere you look these days, including crime scenes. Computer forensic investigations can yield a lot of information. Proper collection of data from laptops and phones is critical. There are legal issues that must be considered for any digital work. Whether you are defending yourself or investigating an issue, our services go well beyond the nature of typical IT programs. When you retain us, you get protection in the cyber domain. We are ready to help you today, so contact us!

If someone you love has died from other than natural causes, give us a call. We are the criminal investigation team that will shed light on what happened. You want to find out the truth about vehicle related deaths, accidental poisoning or even firearm incidents? We are the private investigators that can find that truth. There is so much emotion involved when someone passes. Finding the truth gives our clients closure. Our goal is to answer your questions. Let us find some peace for you during this tough time.

Arson involves a fire that destroys someone’s property. Data from across the country show it is one of the most expensive crimes. Conviction rates for arson are also very low. We will seek the truth in any criminal investigation we do. Whether the fire was in a building or car, we will determine the cause. Once we know the origin of the fire, we can move to find out who is responsible. If you are dealing with a fire related problem, retain us to find the truth.

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