Criminal Law

The Role of a Criminal Investigator
A criminal investigation is the systematic process of identifying, collecting, preserving, and evaluating information for the purpose of bringing a criminal offender to justice, or defending the accused. Successful investigations are based upon a systematic plan that proceeds in an orderly and logical manner. Without such a plan, relevant and highly significant evidence may be overlooked and improperly or inefficiently gathered, and incorrect conclusions may be drawn. Each piece of information relating to a crime is subject to use.

The Role of a Criminal Defense Investigator
A criminal defense investigator works with the defense knowing that the presumption of innocence is a fundamental right of our justice system. Nowhere is this fact more important than in a criminal defense case when the personal freedom, or life, of an individual can hang in the balance.

Our Criminal Defense Investigators understand that successful litigation is based on the culmination of an effective use of resources, expertise, and accurate information gathered. The Grafton Group recognizes and understands the rules of evidence and proper ethical procedures must always be adhered to while developing your work product. This is to ensure that the evidence we collect from paper, electronic, or human sources, will meet the highest litigation standards.

Services can include: case review, case/trial preparations, testimony, witness identification and interview, document retrieval and much more.

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