Cyber Investigations

Digital media is everywhere today. Understanding how to navigate through the many resources and tools that are available can be a challenge. Most investigators do not truely understand the limitations, or legal ramifications, if digital evidence is not properly collected.

Internet related cases require professional forensic investigative, and legal expertise, in order to defend, or prosecute, the case. These types of cases are a very specialized field of private cyber investigations that go beyond the typical computer forensics or IT staff. So regardless of the nature of the case, whether for a small, or large business, or even individuals who have found themselves the target of unwanted cyber stalking, The Grafton Group can help. We can handle all your private cyber investigations in Florida and our principals are nationally recognized investigators.

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Notice: If the device is owned by your company and you have control of it please follow these steps.

  • If it is ON, leave it ON, disconnect it from the internet and network immediately.
  • If it is OFF leave it OFF. Every key stroke will effect the data

Internal IT staff are professionals at setting up networks, but they are not versed cyber investigations or securing forensic evidence in the manner which will stand up in a courtroom

“Our principals are nationally recognized investigators and we want to be your private investigator in Florida”