Due Diligence

What is below the surface of your next investment?

Background Check Due DilienceA growing number of court decisions have deemed that an employer can be held liable for the criminal actions and negligent behavior of an employee. The failure of an employer to thoroughly investigate an employee’s background can result in a judgment against the company.

Checking the asset quality of a prospective business partner or senior-level employee before a deal is consummated, or an individual is hired, may prevent future losses, or lawsuits, for businesses and financial institutions. Checking the asset quality of an individual involves research to determine if there are any “skeletons,” or problems, in his or her background, that could financially impact the company following the acquisition.

A due diligence investigation is, by nature, a search for negatives. In contrast to investigations conducted in the context of litigation, due diligence inquiries are usually conducted in a friendly, cooperative atmosphere of an anticipated business deal. As private investigators in Florida we can provide this service statewide or nationally.

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