Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud involves a person or persons deceiving someone for their own financial gain. We conduct fraud investigations that will get to the truth of the matter. Do not fall victim to a crime like this because you think no one can help. We can help, so call us today!

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Insurance Fraud Investigations

Do you have someone working for you that has claimed worker’s comp or filed for disability? This is a common situation that does not just hurt you. Your whole company is being defrauded. Insurance rates for you and everyone else are increasing, as well. An insurance fraud investigation will get to the truth of the matter. Our clients often find that it does not take us very long to get to the truth. We will find out whether the claim is legit and present you with evidence. Many times, this means photos or video, but you can be sure that we will get what you need. Contact us today is you have suspicions that you are being taken advantage of.

It is very possible that the opposite is true. You may have a very legitimate claim that is being denied by your company or insurance provider. We can provide the insurance fraud investigation that your attorney needs to fight any injustice. We are private investigators with years of experience and have the expertise to help you out. We take pride in our professionalism and ethical conduct. You can be absolutely sure that we will fight for you when you choose us as your advocate. If you are being mistreated and need an insurance fraud investigation, call us right away.

Insurance Fraud Investigation Tampa
Some people lack any scruples whatsoever. They will make absurd claims about things that happened on your property, like dog bites, falls, or fires. As private investigators, we specialize in finding out the truth of what happened in situations like these. We will conduct an insurance fraud investigation to determine what really happened. Do not fall victim to a petty criminal lying about you. If someone is deceiving your insurance company and costing you money, do not wait to get in touch with us.

In the same way, we often see victims of car accidents embellishing their injuries. Make no mistake; lying about the severity of an injury is fraud. We are the team of private investigators that will bring the truth to light. When we conduct an insurance fraud investigation, you can be confident that we will find what we are looking for. Our offices are ready to take your calls and schedule a free consult. We are happy to sit down with you during this time to discuss the merits of your case. Protect your rights by employing insurance PI experts, like us. You can be sure that we will get the job done right.

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