If someone you love is missing, there are a whole range of emotions that you’ll experience. You might even be unpleasantly surprised at the response you receive from law enforcement. In spite of the urgency you feel during this time, a missing person case needs to be juggled among the limited resources allocated to law enforcement. Though they often put in long hours initially — particularly for minors or those persons that are felt to be in immediate danger — this level of involvement from the police is simply not sustainable over the long term.

Private Investigators Work for You

When you hire a private investigator to locate your missing loved one, you’ll find some solace in the fact that your case is a primary focus. A private investigator has an infinite amount of resources at their disposal. Not only are they not constrained by many of the regulations that law enforcement must honor when it comes to working a missing person investigation, the pool of resources that a private investigator can tap into often goes beyond the reach of the police.

More Equitable Distribution of Resources
As public servants, your local police department — and even the FBI, if they should get involved — are required to spread their often-meager resources amongst the many cases that pour in. While a number of missing person cases are given priority over all of the cases that come in — especially during the beginning of the investigation — as leads dry up and other reports are made, the police are simply not able to devote their resources to finding your missing loved one indefinitely.

Benefits of Using a Private Investigator

A private investigator is able to pick and choose the cases they work on. Being able to do so means that they have ample time and resources to devote fully to finding the whereabouts of a particular missing person. When you hire a private investigator, you can look forward to regular updates on the progress that is being made as well as timely communication that is designed to elicit further clues that could lead to their whereabouts.

The Importance of Time

It is vital that you contact a private investigator as soon as you realize your loved one is missing. While law enforcement officials might not prioritize their disappearance in the same way that you’d like them to, a private investigator is under no such constraints. The sooner that you hire a private investigator, the more quickly the missing person’s trail is likely to be picked up. In order to facilitate the location of that person, a private investigator uses a combination of resources such as searching through public documents, conducting interviews with friends, neighbors, family and coworkers, canvassing the areas where they live, work and play and delving into the internet to tap into social media accounts. The Grafton Group is comprised of seasoned private investigators who maintain strong connections throughout the country. Dedicated, professional and thorough, The Grafton Group offers its private investigative services to those who are missing a loved one in their life.