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No matter what has you looking for a private investigator, our group has you covered. As full-service private investigators, our firm handles corporate, criminal and civil cases. We know that results and confidentiality are a priority! We assure you that professionalism is at our core. Whether for personal or business reasons, we are your one stop shop for your professional PI needs. For confidentiality and results, call us now.

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Private Investigator Services

What type of private investigator services are you needing? Clients seek outside help from PIs for many reasons. If you are in search of information, you have come to the right place. Our team of expert nationally recognized PI’s in Florida are on standby to give you the advice and service you need. We offer the following to best service all of our clients:

Criminal Investigation
Criminal investigations often demand a high level of detail and accuracy. We help to search for criminals. We also help to defend the innocent that have been wrongly accused. A lot of emotion goes into these types of cases. It is our job as private investigators to separate the facts from the emotions. We handle crime scene and death investigations, as well. Arson and fire cases fall under criminal cases, too.

Computer forensics and cyber-crime investigations continue to be on the rise. The average criminal has become quite savvy. We stay abreast of all the latest technology. If you are in search of any type of criminal investigation services, contact our PI firm today!

Private Surveillance
Private surveillance is often a tool used for those that suspect unfaithfulness in their union. Our private investigators are also employed in child custody cases, too. Emotions run high and people get accused of a lot of things. We will find and focus on the facts. Beyond personal issues, business surveillance is becoming big business. These types of surveillance can be used to prevent workplace violence. This will keep certain high traffic problem areas safe. Documentation that specific measures were taken to ensure safety and precaution are needed in litigation cases. Our firm can deliver the results you're looking for. Contact us today and make sure you are protected!

Corporate Investigations
Corporate investigations can cover things like forensic accounting and making sure funds are recorded the right way. Mortgage fraud and embezzlement also fall under this. Whatever the case, our nationally-recognized firm will get to the root of the problem. We have years of expertise in the field. Private Investigator TampaRest assured, we will work hard for you. Our private investigators always tackle each case with fervor. Do you suspect a corporation investigation is needed? Call us today!

Fraud Investigations
Fraud investigations come in many shapes and sizes. Most often people contact us for insurance fraud. Do you suspect that someone is trying to swindle you? Worker’s comp or health insurance claims are most common. If so, we can help. Likewise, we represent clients who have a real claim and were denied benefits. Our private investigators in Tampa will log all the proper data to make sure, in either instance, the truth is revealed. For more info on how to handle fraud cases, contact our firm today.

Background Investigations
Many people request the help of a private investigator for background investigations. Employers often request background checks for their workers. This also covers many couples in relationships. Often they want to check out the other before getting married. From historical to criminal backgrounds, our private investigators have you covered. Knowledge is power! We are able to mine lots of data in these types of cases. This will allow you to make better informed choices. This increases success for business and personal relationships. Over the course of life, we have all told a little white lie. Sometimes, people take this to the next level. You have the right to know who you are bringing into your home, office, or life. People have many reasons for telling lies. Don’t fall victim to something that could have been prevented. Call us today for more info!

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