Public & Family Investigations

Family Investigations in Tampa


Without a doubt, the most emotional matters that we deal with are family investigations. It has been reported that approximately 40% of marriages end in divorce. We understand that infidelity can play a key role in this statistic. Many people have “suspicions” that something in their relationship is just not right. Our investigators will guide you and form an investigative plan to suit your specific needs. We know that in this type of investigation, not only does divorce affect the married couple, but children are often involved. Perhaps you are already separated and need to know what type of activities are taking place when your child is with the other parent. Our child custody investigations are often initiated to ensure that the child is being exposed to a positive, and safe environment. Our investigators work diligently to properly document evidence and information that will ultimately lead to the child’s safety and well being.


There are many investigators that will do record speed investigations for you and most advertise “affordable” to get your attention. The Grafton Group offers limited services to the public because we vet all of our clientele. We do not offer “affordable services” this is generally code for “cheap or incomplete work”. The Grafton Group is staffed by experienced professional investigators who take pride in every investigation they conduct.

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Confidential Family Investigations

We can communicate by phone or meet with you during a free consultation. This allows us to get to know one another. After discussing your situation confidentially, we then can create a plan tailored to your needs that will work within your budget.

Our public and family investigation services have helped family law attorneys, and their clients, achieve successful conclusions on thousands of cases. You are more likely to obtain a favorable outcome in a Family Law Court when you have accurate, relevant, and credible evidence, obtained in a professional manner by a licensed private investigator. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have a reputable licensed private investigator by your side. You cannot afford to enlist a P.I. that is going to come up short, provide weak evidence, or make matters worse.

“Our principals are nationally recognized investigators and we want to be your private investigator in Florida”