Financial Investigations

White collar crime, ponzi schemes, misappropriation of funds.

Financial Investigations in Tampa BayFinancial crimes have exploded over the last decade and have affected everyone from Wall Street, to Main Street America. Private Investigators for financial investigations are commonly used by corporations to identify both business and employee fraud. The Grafton Group can help by uncovering everything from, embezzlement, healthcare and/or insurance fraud to outright theft. We can also help individuals with divorce litigation, mortgage fraud, identity theft, mediation and arbitration.

Financial investigations, by their very nature, are records intensive; specifically, records pointing to the movement of money are required. Bank account information (checking and savings account records), motor vehicle registration (title, place of purchase, and lien-holder records), and real estate files (mortgages and deed records) are documents of record commonly found in this type of investigation. In addition, utility bills, divorce decrees, and credit card receipts, computers or mobile devices can all play important roles in financial investigations. Any record that pertains to the paper or digital trail of events is important to a financial investigation. The Grafton Group is a leader in the financial investigations.

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