Fire Investigations/Arson

Willful or malicious burning, or attempting to burn

Criminal Fire InvestigationsNational statistics show that when measured on a cost-per-incident basis, arson is the most expensive crime committed. Less than 20% of arson arrests result in convictions. Arson for profit is responsible for approximately one half of all fire-related property damage in the United States. Insurance fraud is the most common target for an arson-for-profit scheme. Insurance fraud has been referred to as “the modern way to refinance.”

The primary role of The Grafton Group’s fire investigations, as with any criminal investigator, is to determine the truth. In seeking the truth, the investigator must complete a post-fire examination of the structure or vehicle that is the subject of a suspicious fire, and determine the cause and origin of the fire. Interviews must be conducted, evidence must be collected, and comprehensive reports of all findings must be prepared. If, during the initial stages of inquiry, actions indicating criminal conduct or evidence of criminality are uncovered, the fire investigator must immediately shift to his or her secondary role to identify and move against those responsible.

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