Protective Services

Executives, celebrities, and other high-risk individuals need protective services from experienced protection specialists. At The Grafton Group, our VIP clients rely upon our protective service specialists for their experience, training, and professionalism. Let us introduce you to our high standards, so you will know what you can expect from our executive protective services.
About Protection Services From The Grafton Group
Grafton Group security specialist team members bring with them experience and training from previous experience in law enforcement, military and security. We favor protection specialists who arrive with the best credentials. Some of these may include degrees in criminal justice and related degrees, EMT certifications, and state or federal security training.
We also employ security specialists who understand the demands of providing executive protective services. For instance, you can expect us to supply you with people who can work nights and weekends when you need them to. They can also travel in the United States and internationally.
Protective Services Employment Qualifications

These are general requirements that we ask for when we hire new security professionals:

Family Law Investigators

• At least 10 years of previous, successful experience in law enforcement, military or security.

• A working knowledge of modern security systems, including security counter measures, electronic monitors, and computer security systems.
• A background in both self-defense and first responder medical treatments.
• Excellent communication and social skills.
• We only employ vetted security professionals who have demonstrated their integrity.
Security Support, Planning, and Consulting from The Grafton Group
We can also supply security consulting services to help you plan ahead for a safe and secure experience. Whether you need security locally, nationally, or even internationally, we will work with you to devise a plan for your unique operation, and best practices for operational security in mind.
At all times, our field specialists coordinate with our control center to keep each other informed about general and specific threats that could arise. Command operations gives instructions that have been tested over decades with proven methodologies for various situations.
Learn More About Protective Measures From The Grafton Group
We are here to discuss whatever questions you have about employing executive protective services. You can email, call us, or submitting an inquiry form through our secure website.  All information exchanged is completely confidential.
You can rely on The Grafton Group for our field, command, strategic, and operational experience for a full range of investigative and protective needs.