In order to prove your ex is cohabiting with a new partner in order to have your support obligation terminated or reduced under Florida law, you must prove your ex is in a supportive relationship. This begins with proving the person is cohabiting with a person to whom they are not related. This is much more difficult than it might seem.

Rarely, will the ex who is receiving alimony admit to being in a cohabitation relationship. You must prove this on your own.

Almost all legal professionals agree that the most efficient way to gather evidence to support termination of alimony is to hire a private investigator. There are some things an investigator can do for you that you cannot, or at least should not, try to do yourself.

Conducting Surveillance and Identifying Cohabitation Partner

An investigator can:

  • Document the comings and goings of your ex.
  • Document the comings and goings from anyone who resides or appears to reside with your ex.
  • Document a car that is driven to your ex’s place by someone you think may be in a relationship with him or her, and see if it is parked at your ex’s overnight.

If you attempt to observe these things yourself, you could be arrested for stalking or harassing your ex. Your ex may then be able to get a protective order against you. Protect yourself by leaving the surveillance to a professional.

If the investigator documents through surveillance the presence of a person who is apparently in a cohabitation arrangement with your ex, the investigator will know how to discover the identification of that person. For example, by obtaining records of the vehicle based on the license plate.

Other Ways a Private Investigator May Help

An investigator can also:

  • Interview potential witnesses.
  • Obtain financial documents that may show your ex is living with someone who is either helping provide support, or has the means to provide support when your ex denies a cohabitation relationship.
  • Conduct background checks.
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