You can’t trust everyone. There are certain situations that call for enhanced vigilance to protect yourself, your family, your business, and possibly your assets. Hiring a private investigator can give you an extra edge in a legal battle or give you answers regarding whether or not to end a relationship.

There are many reasons for private citizens or attorneys to hire a private investigator in Tampa, below are just a few:

  1. Locating missing persons
    Has your ex-partner disappeared into thin air, leaving you empty-handed without alimony or child support payments? Have you lost touch with family members that you would like to reconnect with? A private investigator in Tampa can help track down missing people and bring you resolution.
  2. Background checks
    Background checks are a necessity for business owners who want to protect their company and their reputation. Background checks can also assist in personal matters. With the increase of dating sites over the years, conducting a background check on a potential partner is also a wise choice. Better safe than sorry.
  3. Child custody case
    If you are trying to gain full custody of your children over your ex-spouse, it is important to have all the facts about their lifestyle. The court needs to see exactly why they are not fit to have the children in their custody full time. A private investigator in Tampa can gather proof of certain behaviors or known associates, for example, and testify in court, in a child custody case.
  4. Infidelity
    Infidelity causes destruction in even the strongest of relationships. Emotions are high and tempers swell when one spouse discovers another has been having an extramarital affair. If you suspect that your spouse or partner is cheating, a private investigator can get you the facts and evidence you need.
  5. Insurance fraud
    An attorney might hire a private investigator to track down witnesses that could speak to the validity of the insurance claim or to prove that the personal injury claimant is not actually injured or disabled. Attorneys might also utilize a private investigator to reenact a car accident that is part of an insurance scam.

Regardless of your reasons to hire a private investigator in Tampa, it’s important to do your own background check of sorts and look for the following qualifications:

Experience – how many years have they been practicing? Is their background in law enforcement? Are they experienced at surveillance and obtaining covert video and photographs. An experienced private investigator can help you reach your desired outcome, while an armchair detective who fancies themselves a real PI can end up harming your case and costing you a lot of money.

Licensed and insured – Make sure to always get a PI’s license number and then take the extra step to verify the license number. You can verify the license by visiting the state of Florida’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services website.

Court testimony – If you are hiring a private investigator to gather evidence for a legal case, then you want to make sure you are hiring one that has experience testifying.

Flexible availability – Private investigators should not keep bankers’ hours. A PI needs to be available around the clock if the job dictates it. If you suspect your husband is meeting his mistress at midnight on Saturdays, you need a PI who is available to follow them and gather evidence.

Finally, always make sure you have a written contract with the private investigator in Tampa. Do your own research on the investigative firm before signing any contracts. A little investigative work of your own will help ensure you have a positive experience when you hire a private investigator in Tampa.

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