“I retained The Grafton Group to do some vendor integrity checks and conduct a few backgrounds on three candidates for a management position. I’m glad I made this decision, it turned out the vendors were doing as they were supposed to do. However, the person in the lead for the management position turned out to have provided us with false information regarding their education and work history.”

Jim W, Comptroller FL

“I was really in need of information when I contacted The Grafton Group for help. Their professionalism and experience not only solved my needs, but gave me piece of mind.”

Linda C, Family Business AL and GA

“My friend told me a rumor about my husband, that implied he was arrested for a sexual offense. The day I confronted him, he lied and denied it saying I was crazy. So I was referred to The Grafton Group who confirm the rumors for me and assisted in locating a great family law attorney.”

Erica S, WI

“Our company needed PI services in FL during the holidays. The Grafton Group was able to take on the surveillance assignment and investigators provide us with daily updates. The final video product was sent to our office within 24 hours. They have a very professional staff that we would recommend to any FL based business or out of state PI firm.”

Cynthia GC, WA

“The church I work at decided to begin screening employees and volunteers, due to issues that many other nonprofit organizations around the country are facing. The Grafton Group did a very professional job and handled our request with complete discretion.”

William B, Pastor FL

“I highly recommend The Grafton Group. They are very professional and easy to talk with. They had my best interest in mind. Within three days of beginning the investigations, they had all the evidence I needed to go forward with my case.”

Jamie L. TN

“The Grafton Group investigators performed magic in my opinion, they located my child after 12 years. My entire family thanks Tim and his staff.”

Randell C. NJ

“I contacted The Grafton Group and spoke with Tim O’Rourke, during my initial consultation, he was very thorough in his approach. He was very easy to speak to and work with. I would highly recommend The Grafton Group to any business or person who needs a private investigator and expects results.”

Kimberly C. Cayman Islands

“Thanks for your quick work. I wasted money on a couple of online background check sites and got nothing but outdated or inaccurate information. You guys are pros when it comes to getting accurate real information.”

Clarence J. IA

“I have professionally and personally known Tim for several years. His personal and professional character are exceptional. Tim has shown exceptional leadership in his previous agency, as president of the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators, and as a role model for leadership of many other associations – including myself. He has shown great initiative and foresight with the founding of GIMG.tv and The Grafton Group. It is without reservation that I recommend Tim professionally – and if you get a chance to be in friendship, you will be glad you did.”

Dean B. CO

“I have worked with Tim as an investigator and as a board member of a state-wide association of over 700 members. Tim is well-organized, detail- focused and results-oriented. He delegates well and maximizes the skill set of the folks with whom he surrounds himself.”

Burt H. FL

“Our principals are nationally recognized investigators and we want to be your private investigator in Florida”