A fire at your home or business brings devastation and confusion. Not only are all of your worldly possessions likely in ruins, your sense of all that is secure in the world has been badly shaken. Worse yet, the fire department is ready to chalk it up to an accident simply because they have no other evidence to make them think otherwise. In spite of this, you just can’t see to get that nagging feeling out of your mind that there could be something more sinister going on.

Where Do You Turn?
Your local fire department will doubtlessly conduct its own investigation to determine the origin of the fire. However, whether it is due to a lack of resources or to simply not finding any evidence to the contrary, their investigation could rule it as accidental even when it is not.

How a Private Investigator Can Help

Arson InvestigationHiring a private investigator in Tampa provides you with a dedicated, well-trained and experienced person who is focused on finding answers for you. With multiple resources at their fingertips, a private investigator is able to take their time and complete a thorough investigation.

Some Signs of Possible Arson
Private investigators are experienced in noticing the signs that could indicate that arson is the cause of the fire at your home or business. If there is forced entry into the home as well as missing items, it’s possible that the fire was set intentionally to cover up the crime. A fire with an undetermined point of origin, alarge amount of damage, a low burning point and an unusual burn pattern are also signs that it could have been intentionally set.

Undertaking an Arson Investigation

A private investigator who works on an arson investigation has previous experience in dealing with these matters. This expertise is vital in the courtroom where having a reliable witness is crucial to holding the responsible party accountable. The first step when you hire a private investigator is providing all the details of the fire and its surrounding events. Using this information, the private investigator begins to gather evidence and document the destruction. Photographs and videos of the scene, as well as materials such as glass, wood, residue from any accelerants, metal and more will be gathered, studied and tested. These actions will help establish a timeline for the fire and the facts related to it. In some cases, a private investigator might put your home or business under surveillance in the event that the arsonist returns at a later date. If any suspects are identified, a thorough background check will be performed to gather a history on them.

The Grafton Group comprises a dedicated team of private investigators who can undertake an investigation into your business or home fire. Contact them today to get started before important evidence is destroyed or misplaced.