Child custody cases are some of the most contested ones in the courts of the United States. Typically, emotions are running high when there are children involved in the best of circumstances. To add to the chaos of the situation, disagreements over the custody of children tend to occur within marriages — or other family relationships — that are dissolving in a contentious manner. If you are considering challenging your ex-spouse — or another person — for custody of a minor child, here’s is what you need to know.

Be Prepared
First, you need to obtain an attorney that specializes in family matters such as these. Choose the best one you can afford to ensure that you have access to the resources and support you need to be successful. Your attorney is your ally so you need to be honest about your reasons behind your desire to seek custody. Bring any documentation or other items you have that you back up your claim when it comes to seeking custody of the children in question.

Document Everything

If you have not already start to do so, begin documenting everything that occurs involving the child and the other person in question. Think back about incidents that occurred in the past and make a note of their dates. Provide as much detail as possible about these occurrences so they can be used to corroborate your reasons for desiring custody of the child in question.

Hire a Private Investigator

The services of a private investigator can make your child custody case stronger. Working closely with your attorney, the private investigator you hire can delve deeply into areas of the other person’s life that could make your case stronger. By doing so, facts might be uncovered that could surprise you. Past negative behaviors that are unknown to you could bring to light the unfitness of the person you are challenging for child custody. For example, private investigations have uncovered valuable information such as hidden convictions from the past and the fact that a person is leading a double life.

Consider Private Surveillance

Do you know what the other person is doing when they are with your child? Are you aware of that person’s actions when you or your child are not around? Knowing that the important people in the child’s life are engaged in criminal behavior or bringing criminals around the child can help protect him or her from harm while also strengthening your case. Surprising behaviors such as neglect of the child, drug and/or alcohol abuse by the adult in question or people within the household and abusive behavior toward the child are often uncovered during the course of private surveillance.

Child custody cases can be challenging — both for you and the child involved. However, with the right tools, you are more likely to be successful at removing the child from a harmful environment and assuring that they have a chance at a better life. The Grafton Group offers a range of targeted services that can help you learn more information to help your child custody case. In addition to background investigations, The Grafton Group also offers private surveillance services that can provide crucial information to help your case. Contact them today and protect the children you love.