Witness Location

The sooner you contact us for the assignment, the better. When it comes to finding a missing witness or party to your case, we are putting pieces of the puzzle together as we uncover leads. One piece may come from genealogical research, another from deep-web searches and social media, and still another from searching records in various courthouses. The more time you give us, the greater the chances for our success.

The Grafton Group will begin all witness locations with a search of the individual in our databases to see if we have a name. Then our investigators will conduct canvassing, interview friends and family, check Missing Person databases, contact and maintain an open line of communication with authorities, and reach out to other Private Investigators and professionals within our national network.

Sometimes witnesses to an incident are named in a police report, or may be an anonymous figure in a photograph or video taken from the area. Our investigators will take this scant bit of information and work to produce a name in an attempt to locate this individual.

When it Counts, Call Us!

Today many people feel they can locate anyone by going online with a piece of information. Try finding the correct Robert Smith online. The Grafton Group investigators use technology and good old fashioned street work. You have to talk with people to get the information that you cannot find online.

“Our principals are nationally recognized investigators and we want to be your private investigator in Florida”