The breakup of a marriage is an event that is rife with hostile feelings and accusations. This often leads to the parties trying to get back at each other during the settlement process of the divorce. You can leverage the expertise and services of a private investigator to help protect yourself during this time.

Confirm Adultery
If you suspect that your spouse has committed adultery, it could be difficult for you to catch them in the act. A private investigator, however, is able to be more stealthy while also tapping into any resources you might have to offer. For example, you could provide access to an area where your spouse might be that would allow the private investigator to gather some photographic or video evidence that can then be introduced into court.

Discover hidden assets
Divorce SettlementAlthough most people associate hiring a private investigator with catching a spouse in the act of adultery, these professionals provide an array of other services as well. It is not unusual for a spouse to try to conceal some part of their assets so they cannot be used as the basis of setting child and spousal support. A private investigator can use their well-honed investigative skills to uncover all of the assets of the spouse in question so that a fair judgment can be entered.

Enforcing Judgments
While a judgment handed down by a court of law in Florida would seem like it would be enough to spur a spouse to follow it to the letter, this is often not the case. Whether the spouse vehemently disagrees with some part of the judgment and refuses to follow it or they are simply doing so out of spite, a private investigator can help. Suppose a judgment has been entered that your spouse is the only one who is to be transporting your children but you suspect that his new girlfriend is taking on this role. A private investigator can gather evidence that proves this so you can take it back to court. This type of proof often prompts a judge to take further action against the spouse due to their flagrant disregard for the law.

Child custody matters
The safety and care of minor children is a crucial matter during any divorce. It is often contended by both parties with their insistence that they offer the better environment for their children. Hiring a private investigator to prove any points that you are trying to make in regards to your misgivings about the other parent can corroborate your testimony. Court-admissible evidence such as video and/or photographs showing your spouse behaving erratically or unsafely while in the presence of your children can have a damaging effect on that spouse’s case.

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