someone is spying on meIf you think spying is something that only happens in the movies or in corrupt governments, think again. The truth is that people spy on other people all the time for a number of reasons. It’s not far fetched at all to think that someone is spying on you or your business, especially if you deal with sensitive information on a day-to-day basis.

Spying Prevalence in the US

To get an idea of the prevalence of spying here in the United States, you need only look at the sales statistics for surveillance equipment. While the over $500 million in eavesdropping equipment Americans purchase each year is a staggering amount on its own, the more alarming number is that over $900 million worth of illegal eavesdropping equipment is imported into the U.S. each year. Bugs and surveillance devices are not only more common than ever, but are also smaller and less detectable than ever. Because of these realities of modern-day life, you should never discount the possibility that someone is spying on you via a hidden camera, microphone, wiretap, or cell phone spy software.

Corporate and Individual Spying

In 2014, the FBI reported an increase in its economic espionage case load to the tune of 53%. While there are a variety of forms of corporate espionage that account for this number, electronic surveillance is certainly one of the most common ways other businesses, or entities, discover valuable trade secrets and other confidential information. Once someone obtains and uses this information, the results can be devastating for a business.

Of course, surveillance isn’t merely limited to the corporate world. A criminal could be spying on you to find out when you will be going on vacation or to get your credit card number. An ex-spouse could be spying on you to get information that will give them the upper hand in a divorce case. A landlord could have video surveillance of you in your apartment. The list goes on and on. And like corporate spying, the consequences can be just as devastating, if not more so.

What Can You Do?
Electronic surveillance? is easy to do, difficult to detect, and hard to prove in court, but does this mean you are at the mercy of anyone with a surveillance device? If you are dealing with this problem on your own, the answer to this question is probably yes. However, by hiring a company that offers expert technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM), you can stop this illegal surveillance in its tracks. Our professional private investigator in Tampa, FL, are experts at protecting individuals from all types of unwanted electronic surveillance as well as protecting businesses who want to keep their information private. Our TSCM services include bug sweeps, wiretap detection, eavesdropping/video detection, and more.

Don’t wait to get critical protection from a TSCM professional to avoid disaster. Whether you want protection for your home or business, we can perform a thorough audit to eliminate threats from outside sources, and then pursue legal action of those responsible for the technical breach.