National Private Investigators Speak

What a great way to start off the new year! Nationally recognized private investigators and hosts, Francie Kolher of PIs Declassified, and Paul Jaeb host of The American Private Investigator, join Tim O’Rourke president of The Grafton Group and host of PI InSIGHT on the Global Investigators Media Group.

Both Francie and Paul are seasoned criminal and fraud investigators that have decades of investigative experience. Each has hosted their shows for five years. They speak to investigators all over the country and are frequent speakers at private investigator conferences nationally. Francie and Paul will be joining Tim in Florida this year as all of them will be speaking during the Southeastern Super Conference for Private Investigators.

Tim O'Rourke - Private InvestigatorTim O’Rourke has been active in the protective and investigative fields for over three decades. He has served both national and multi-national clients and organizations worldwide. He is the current president of the third largest private investigative trade association within the United States and the largest in Florida where he resides. Mr. O’Rourke is president of The Grafton Group, a Florida-based, multi-disciplined, investigative firm. The Grafton Group is a privately owned and operated US firm of professional private investigators, who are highly specialized in several investigative fields.