Legally obtained video documentation answers questions and puts you in control

Investigator Doing SurveillanceThe Grafton Group provides professional and discreet surveillance services in support of corporate, civil or criminal investigations anywhere. Our investigators possess years of expertise in the area of discrete video surveillance and conduct all activities to the highest of ethical and legal standards.

Effective surveillance can be a powerful tool giving you the facts and proof that you need about the person or people you trust with your home, your children, your money/business, and your life.

  • Theft of commercial assets, goods and intellectual property
  • Personal injury/workers comp claims
  • Corporate fraud
  • Vendor breaches of contract
  • Unethical activity by employees
  • Tracking missing persons, witnesses and defendants
  • Unfaithful spouse or significant other

“Our principals are nationally recognized investigators and we want to be your private investigator in Florida”