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As a Tampa private investigator we know that you need to secure the truth and have your privacy protected at the same time. Whether you are dealing with a personal, business, or criminal matter, we will arm you with the information you need to make the right decisions. With an emphasis on your privacy, you can be sure that our services are effective while being entirely discrete. Schedule a free consult today so we can start the investigation.

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Come to us when you need to find the truth. As a Tampa private investigator, we thoroughly probe corporate and private issues. For our business clients, we offer in depth background checks. This is so much more than simply checking criminal records in local counties. We follow up on references in person and on the telephone and thoroughly scrutinize any data available. A background check on a prospective employee is a prudent measure. So is a forensic accounting look into a possible acquisition. After your accountants have studied the books, let our experts provide a second set of eyes. Because we are trained to look for many things, if there is an impropriety, we will find it. A prudent business person arms himself with as much info as possible. Let us help you with discovery!

Augmenting a criminal investigation is another service our Tampa private investigator provides for both corporate and private clients. When the police run out of leads and funding, we can step in to help. We bring a fresh perspective and years of experience. We can find things that law enforcement misses. If you are being wrongly accused by the police, it can be hard to convince them otherwise. It is impossible to argue with the truth; however, and we can find it for you. No matter what the situation, our commitment is to your privacy and to finding the truth. We have electronics experts and forensic experts that can take another look at evidence and confirm or deny the conclusions already made. Do not leave anything to chance in a criminal matter. Let us help you find the truth that you need right now.

Surveillance Services

Some situations call for discrete surveillance services. This is a frequent request from clients that are dealing with family law disputes. Do you have suspicions that your spouse is being unfaithful? We can easily get down to the truth. When dealing with child custody cases, emotions often run high and lies are very common. A picture is worth a thousand words. This holds true when it comes to disproving a lie. As a Tampa private investigator, we use the same procedures to disprove fraudulent insurance claims. If someone is claiming they are injured when they are at the office, but that injury magically disappears after work, we can shed light on the matter. We can also use these same skills to find a missing person. We are ready to help you in your time of need. Take the next step and call for a consult now.

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