Fraud investigation is crucial for protecting the interests, and money, of a business, or the public. When a company, or individual, feels as though they have been deceived in some shape or form, we can help. The process of a fraud investigation may include many investigative aspects from background investigations and surveillance audits, to positioning an undercover investigator inside your business. For those in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and the surrounding area in Florida, we offer investigators to reveal any type of fraud.

What Happens During a Fraud Investigation?

Initially, investigators meet with a client to discuss their concern. The investigator (us) will then inquire why fraud is suspected, and analyze any evidence available. A fraud investigator may in fact use surveillance to determine what practices are taking place, and whether or not they represent a reason for alarm. Background investigations more often reveal background information not discovered by traditional background screeners.

Why Might You Need Us?

Fraudulent practices cost people, and companies, billions of dollars every single year. To avoid these consequences, there is a serious need for qualified and experienced investigators. Eliminating, or reducing, fraud is in the best interest of everyone. With experts readily available, that can come to fruition.

Prosecuting, and bringing fraudsters to justice, can be a complicated and overwhelming process. With the help of our Tampa, Florida based expert team, The Grafton Group can prove, and bring to light fraud. When a fraud case is conducted properly, the criminals can be exposed, and restitution for our services can often be awarded by the courts.