Everyone appreciates the value of a good lawyer in family law. Divorce, child custody, alimony, and more can be difficult to navigate without expert assistance. But few people remember it’s the judge who makes the decisions. They decide not just based on who has been skillfully represented, but who has compelling evidence on their side. Skilled investigators can get you the findings you need to strengthen your claims and get the best outcome in your family law case.

What Does an Investigator Do?

Family law cases can be highly emotional. This can be especially true in situations that involve child custody, infidelity, or ongoing obligations like alimony. The objective evidence provided by a skilled investigator can help reduce emotional claims and help the judge make decisions based on the facts of the case.

Investigators like the Grafton Group’s Family Investigators act as independent third parties who can document evidence that backs up your claims. They provide written reports, photos, and video evidence to help the judge make a decision.

Our highly skilled investigators can observe and objectively collect information to help the judge make a decision informed by the facts. We can help in cases that involve:

  • Divorce
  • Infidelity
  • Child Custody 
  • Child Support
  • Alimony
  • Cohabitation

Being able to offer proof of your claims can help you get justice in court. For instance, if your former partner is not a safe guardian for your child, you need to be able to show that claims of abuse or neglect are valid.

How an Investigator Helps Your Attorney

When you hire an investigator, you are also getting your lawyer valuable data that can show the strength of your claims and the validity of your requests from the court.

The court makes decisions based on the information they have available. They look at parents’ lifestyles and stability in cases involving a child, and will make decisions based on the child’s best interests. While information like criminal records, the suitability and safety of the home, and others can have an impact, there are also more subtle factors that can show whether a parent is safe.

If a former partner is hiding income, an investigator can show documentation that can support your claims regarding child support or alimony. This ensures that you are treated fairly by the court.

Hiring an Investigator

The investigators at The Grafton Group are seasoned professionals with decades of experience. They document evidence related to your case with a clear understanding of what evidence most clearly shows the facts of your case.

Family law cases can be complex. The judge must decide based on the evidence. As a party in the conflict, you want to be sure that the judge has all the information needed to make the right decision. Don’t leave your case up to chance. Use an investigator to be sure that your judge gets all the facts.